Change Organization Nigeria (CON) is a non-governmental organization duly registered in Nigeria and also in the United Kingdom, with its groundwork conducted mainly in Nigeria. We believe that everyone in Nigeria has the right to live their lives with dignity. That is why we work through the North of Nigeria to the South of Nigeria to fight poverty and injustice, wherever the need is utmost. Together, with the help of our volunteers, we put our faith into action to help generations living in extreme poverty to reach their full potential, regardless of religion or culture.

We are there to work together with poor people and groups on long-term programmes to long-lasting transformation to their lives. Our programmes and our policy work challenge the fundamental roots of poverty so that communities can become self-sufficient. Special focus is placed on empowering women and girls, fortified with the appropriate assets, women have the influence to revitalise whole families and societies out of poverty.

We also offer a non-partisan public platform to ensure that issues affecting the ordinary Nigerian in regards to the Nigerian State and development are discussed, promoted and publicized. This stage enables Nigerians, irrespective of tribe, political ideology and religion to air their opinions, petitions and difficulties to be discussed at Local level, State level and National level.


Change Nigeria Organisation has partnership in working with communities including those oppressed to promote human change and seek fairness. We follow this mission through combined, general obligation transformational development that is community-based and supportable, concentrated particularly on the needs of deprived communities across the country.

We also support emergency relief that assists people aggrieved by conflict or disaster and intend to promote justice that pursues to change unfair arrangements affecting the underprivileged among whom we work. In the process we stand with women, girls and their communities to achieve lasting change for a better future. Partnerships with other organisation, is also our priority and social transformation.

Finally, we provide a platform where all Nigerians can access and start any public petition for good governance and positive change for, transparency, accountability and justice in all arms of government in the best interest of Nigerians.


We pursue a world of optimism, tolerance and community impartiality, where poverty has been overwhelmed and individuals live in self-esteem and safety. CON will be a national force and partner of high quality within a national movement committed to culminating poverty.

Meet the Team

CON has a national spread across the thirty-six states of Nigeria, its BOT members are professionals from across the various nationalities of Nigeria and comprise of Nigerians at home and in diaspora. You can meet our various state coordinators here


Founder & CEO

“I believe there is no other time but now to get things right in our country Nigeria”.


Raymond Temisaren




About us…

We anticipate to be recognised across the country for our unshakeable pledge to the dignity of societies.


At the core of all we do, Change Organisation Nigeria


We confirm the self-worth, potential and involvement of contributors, donors, associates and our workforce.


Our actions are unfailing with our mission. We are truthful and translucent in what we do and say, and assent accountability for our joint and distinct actions.


We work and organized efficiently to help the greater community.


We continually test ourselves to the uppermost intensities of knowledge and presentation to attain better influence.


  • At CON we speak out for fairness when the national government and international bodies make judgments that impair on our communities, we must express ourselves in order to promote our rights
  • Campaigning works can take years of determination or be as unassertive as signing a petition action on climate change and a reduction on corruption have all come as a result of taking action
  • We support communities with skills and occasions to live with self-respect, support their families and offer something back to their communities
  • In Nigeria, we are facing the toughest challenges conflict, nepotism, corruption, inequality, abuse of girl child, rape, religion extremism, HIV and AIDS. Together, we will challenge encounters on a daily basis using our desire and knowledge to bring about optimistic modification.
  • We intend to inspire all youths to be the change they intend to see in their communities and nationally.
  • We also wish to promote a platform for active participation of Nigerians in the strategic sectors of the economy
  • Engage with    similar    organizations    to    canvass    for    the    economic    progress     and advancement of
  • Finally, we want to create a new awareness and a spirit of patriotism and development in Nigeria