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Ogwashi Ukwu is a community in Delta State.
Ogwashi Ukwu have not had electricity in eleven years.
The three tiers of govt have all tried but failed to drill a single borehole in Ogwashi Ukwu,
Ogwashi Ukwu therefore have not had water since time immemorial.
Residents of Ogwashi Ukwu depend on external water tankers to get water supply.
A state polytechnic is sited at Ogwashi Ukwu, students of this polytechnic spend their whole years in school without electricity and by depending on water tankers for water supply.
Water is an asset in Ogwashi Ukwu.

Ogwashi Ukwu is a N100 (24km) distance from Asaba the Delta State capital.

The last project (attempt) by the federal govt towards solving the water problem at Ogwashi Ukwu has been abandoned.

Nigeria’s former Minister of Finance, Dr. Okonjo Iweala is from Ogwashi Ukwu.

Ogwashi Ukwu needs water and electricity.