Change Organisation Nigeria is seriously bothered by the recent regionally biased recruitments into certain MDAs. These recruitments into the CBN, FIRS, and NPS violate Due Process and the principle of Federal Character enshrined in the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. More worrying is the fact that beneficiaries of these recruitments are relatives and acquaintances of key figures in the current government and other hangers on in the corridors of power. We condemn this nepotism in very strong terms.

Riding on the wings of Change, this government won the 2015 elections promising a clean break from the past. However, gauging public opinion, the Nigerian people are disappointed at this administration and already feel shortchanged as favouritism and regional bias is being carried out by this administration with reckless impunity and a flagrant disregard for the electorate that entrenched it in power. This government, by allowing these recruitments, has shown that it is willing to spend our commonwealth to ensure the maximum comfort of their goons even as their policy hollowness has orchestrated one of the hardest times ever witnessed in Nigeria as there are mass exoduses from jobs while prices of goods and services continue to sky rocket. Simply put, this administration has poured salt on the injury it caused the collective body of Nigerians.

Not only has this administration left an extra judicial legacy, we have noticed an irksome inertia and nonchalance towards the painful plight of Nigerians.

We at Change Organisation Nigeria condemn, in very strong terms, these immoral recruitments and the nonchalant negligence that this government exhibits. We advise the Federal Government to reverse these recruitments with immediate effect, we also advise the Federal Government to beware of its high handedness as even dictatorships have crumbled on the floors of public opinion.


Directorate of Media & Publicity,

Change Organisation Nigeria


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